Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zoe's Halloween costume came today. After a lot of consideration, we decided to go with the Sweet Pea costume - it was either that or a ridiculous monkey or an elephant with enormous ears. The package said 0-6 months, but I think a two-year old would fit inside this thing. I tried on the little hat. Maybe I'll go as the Sweat Pea. I can't really get my OJ Simpson costume to work.


Brooke said...

What the *&%@! does Bunna & Biff mean? I had a kitty named Biffy once. I'm glad you guys started the blog. Be sure to keep it up to date for us!

Bunna & Biff said...

Bunna and Biff are our nicknames. They're embarrassing enough to provide relative anonymity on the web.