Sunday, January 11, 2009

genetic unlikelihood? maybe not

When Bunna and Biff were newly married and merely considering the possibility of some day having children, Bunna tried to convince Biff that girls were a genetic unlikelihood in his family. You see, Bunna is one of four boys and his older brother was, at that time, father of two boys. Rolling two X chromosomes seemed less likely than rolling Yahtzee, and as we all know, the probability of a Yahtzee for any three-roll turn is about .04603 (or roughly 1 in 22 attempts) and the odds of rolling five-of-a-kind in the first roll is more like 1 in 1296. So boys it would be. Or so said Bunna. 

Bunna was wrong.

Enter Zoe. 

Apparently Bunna and Biff roll lots of Yahtzees.

Enter player to be named later (Yahtzee #2).

Bunna and Biff couldn't be happier. 100 point bonus for the second Yahtzee! It's not a bad way to start off the scorecard. 

On a related note, ultrasounds are interesting experiences. The technicians search for vital organs and measurements of the head and spine in a sea of confusingly undulating static--very technical and good to know, but Bunna just wants to adjust the rabbit ears. The scientific part out of the way, most technicians (if things are going their way) try to provide a little entertainment for the excited parents.

This time around Bunna and Biff got some feet and toes...

and this one of"face"...this is the one Zoe calls "doggy"--woof woof.

Neither Bunna nor Biff were eager to claim this as their genetic material.

Anyway, Bunna was wrong--way wrong.