Thursday, November 8, 2007

yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me; or, yer books are overdue, matey!

Today's CU Sighting is the monocular guardian of the library's main stacks. Strategically placed at the entrance to the university's enormous collection, this book-loving buccaneer gazes down at would-be library patrons in what could be considered the current library administration's version of Big Brother. Hugh C. Atkinson, University Librarian from 1976-1986, suffered a tragic reading accident in which he lost the use of his right eye and left hand. Atkinson was always fond of the hook prosthetic attachment, which he sheepishly concealed behind his back, yet preferred the freebooter fashion so accurately depicted in his portrait to other methods of ocular re-presentation. Atkinson, who strove tirelessly for tighter book binding regulations including blunt cover corners and edgeless paper, found his place recently in that Library of Congress in the sky. So, Bunna and Biff salute you, Captain Hugh C. Atkinson, (Arrrrrrgh!) for keeping reading safety your administration's first priority.


dan richards said...

Avast! It be the captain Hugh C. Atkinson! The black ship bilge be filled with books! Ahab's compliments to ye. Nothing can swerve ye from yer PHD. The path to yer fixed purpose is laid with iron rails and mounds of books, whereon yer soul is grooved to run. (har har literary humor that spen will understand)

brooke said...

"I am the Pirate King! And it is, it is, a glorious thing to be the Pirate King!" Ya'll have to see that movie someday. Hey, I tagged both of you Spen and Jenny. Check out our blog site to see what that is.