Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Today was Zoe's first Halloween! We had already come up with sweet pea as a little nickname for her, so this costume was the clear choice.
She worked one of the styrofoam peas free.
She wouldn't take her eyes off Mom for a picture!
Dad's pretty scary and he's not even wearing a costume. I thought we could go trick or treating to feed my sugar addiction, but her eating schedule got in the way and I didn't think most of our neighbors would take kindly to a 30 year old with an eye patch, a plastic sword, and a pillow case on their doorsteps. Arrrrrr! Trick or Treat!


Seymour Glass said...

it's okay lil zoe, your dad is scary. especially when he speaks in german late at night in the Yoda voice. totally creepy.

Alicen said...

What a cutie. She looks so much like both of you, it is crazy! Can't wait to see her in person in December!! woohoo, that's next month! :)