Saturday, November 17, 2007

meggan in bunnaland

This weekend we played host to Meggan. She got a brief respite from supervising those tiresome octogenarians and Zoe got to meet another aunt. So it was a pretty good deal for all of us. Zoe took to Meggan right away and we assume vice-versa.

We had beautiful fall weather today, which made the tour of campus both fun and, I might add, historically accurate!

It also provided us the opportunity to tour another of Champaign- Urbana's numberless places of interest. Tucked away in a quiet corner of campus, the grounds of The Institute for Genomic Biology feature a rather singular spectacle which represents today's CU Sighting. An undergraduate experiment in biomass conversion gone terribly wrong, these fellows stand as constant reminders of the frequent underestimation of the instability and biocomplexity of plant genomes and proteomics. You can also play a little game of "where's bunna?"

This one is for the grandparents.


brooke said...

I FOUND BUNNA!! That is a sweet pic. At first glance I thought that was Zoe up there! Then I enlarged the picture. Hey, how is the Odouls coming? Any progress? Oh, and happy thanksgiving.

bunna said...

BIff couldn't handle the smooth taste of O'Douls, so I drank the rest of the six-pack at Thanksgiving dinner. Beer actually complements turkey and stuffing quite well.