Sunday, March 30, 2008

volkswagen for sale

A while ago, Biff's friend posted his Volkswagen Bus to Craigslist in Salt Lake City. Bunna happened to be perusing the site (something he does now and again as a diversion from studying), when he ran into what seemed like a familiar seller. Here's the original post:

We thought we could have a little fun with him, so we created a bogus email account and asked a few questions about the condition of the bus. Here's a copy of the sent email from Billy "Bee" Bradford. The questions are worth reading.

He never replied. The bus is still for sale. It looks like Billy "Bee" will just have to find himself another ride, man.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the easter bunny spotted in bunnaland

We saw the Easter Bunny this morning sitting on our couch. Contrary to popular myth, the Easter Bunny is a girl. She's kind of plump, with a round face and a cute little smile - kind of different than what we'd expected. She didn't even leave us any eggs or candy. I was expecting some of those Cadbury eggs - you know, the kind with the carmel center - but all we got was a dirty diaper with a sweet potato center. Mmmmm.  

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bunna and biff back from hiatus: mice to blame for interruption

How to describe the general feeling in Bunnaland:

heebie jeebies.

William "Billy" De Beck coined the term in his Barney Google cartoon in 1923:

A dictionary definition:

heebie jeebies:
1. Noun: The physical and psychic reaction to something revolting or disgusting. May be expressed in a shiver, shudder, or the archtypal skin crawling.
2. A passe term used to refer to a feeling of being "freaked out."

The Boswell Sisters' definition:

The Brits would call it "screaming habdabs":

From the loaded traps (burnt peanut butter gets 'em every time),

to the mice behind the dishwasher,

to the little guy (still alive!) trying to burrow through a half an inch of plywood under the sink,

to the nest,

we've been feeling the heebie jeebies. Biff has thrown out everything the mice might have touched - just about everything in our kitchen - and we've been patching up holes like the little Dutch boy to prevent them from returning. We'll see how it goes. 

The CU Sightings crew will be back from sabbatical soon and have a great spring line-up planned, so stay tuned to Bunna and Biff for more of what everybody loves about Champaign-Urbana.