Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the goatherd

Bunna and Biff packed up the kids and headed off for the Prairie Farms petting zoo for an afternoon of watch where you step. The goatherd displayed a blatant disregard for all things fecal (her shoes will never be the same), but she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Bunna switched on the camera at just the right moment.

One must be vigilant in such an environment. Bunna's attention to the cinematographic arts distracted him from noticing that his shorts were becoming a goat's afternoon snack and that Biff's baby sling was 10 inches down the throat of an arthritic deer. Retrieving the half-masticated sling was easy enough; however, contemplating the idea that it had been so near the doe's GI tract and that it was covered in some ungodly slime, made the urbanites a little uneasy.

Fortunately for Bunna and Biff, there is more to do at Prairie Farms than enter the ring of cloven-hoofed chaos. They were pleasantly surprised by the variety of farm animals on display.

and many more that didn't make the highlight reel.

The goatherd's shoes are still wrapped in a plastic bag in the trunk of the car. Bunna and Biff aren't sure that she'll wear them again.

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