Thursday, April 24, 2008

earthday in bunnaland: a vindication

Certain private conversations about, and the dearth of comments on, our most recent post: "our dinner with al gore," precipitates this clarification, this vindication if you will. Though the tone (meant more as a catalogue of our commitment to the environment, a prĂ©cis to impress Al Gore) may suggest otherwise, the post actually contains very few falsehoods. Confessions: we did not actually invite Al Gore; we do not own a loom; Zoe's diaper, although cloth, did not feature any endangered species; and compost piles are expressly forbidden in our complex by-laws (or we would have one). The rest of the post is pretty much true. We meant no disrespect to Al Gore or other like-minded environmentalists. We are committed to our green lifestyle and encourage others to be kind to our mother earth. 

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