Tuesday, January 15, 2008

she'snot here right now!

Upon returning home from a month-long vacation in snowy Salt Lake City, I found our mailbox stuffed beyond capacity - our mail carrier is clearly a postal veteran rather adept at folding, crumpling, squeezing, and otherwise cramming the impossible into wee spaces. Along with the regular junk mail, bills, Christmas cards, and catalogues addressed to my mom, came this little nugget: Unfortunately for Education Finance Partners of San Francisco, California, Jennifer'snot requiring any financial assistance because she just accepted a job as the new spokeswoman for Kleenex. It'snot a bad way to make a living. Her parents, Harry and Amber Snot, are so proud.


Alicen said...

Freaking hilarious.

brooke said...

I'm reminded of something my dad always says...You may think it's funny, but it'snot.

Lisa said...

that's hilarious.