Friday, November 2, 2007

another item for my cv

Today the university conferred on me a very prestigious award. Granted every university and state employee received the same honor, but after I failed the ethics course last year for completing the rather fatuous quiz too quickly (and was, furthermore, reprimanded by the Illinois State Ethics Committee and required to complete remedial ethics training), today's receipt is monumental. I think I'll frame it and hang it next to the certificate I received for my hole in one at the put-put course - the one I lied about. [Note: I have removed my last name from the certificate to protect my anonymity. If you would like to certify its authenticity, I welcome your perusal of said document.]


Ads and Brooke said...

WOW - You complete me!

D-rock&Meggs said...

Wait a minute-Who are you supposed to tell when you get a hole in one at a mini golf course? Where do you get the certificates at? I should have about 25 by now.

Bunna & Biff said...

you have to make your own certificates.